Hatch Development Asia was founded in the midst of Covid-19 when our founder, Clinton Li, learnt that traditional marketing methods in various business sector were badly affected by the pandemic, and observed challenges SMEs have when seeking to try out digital options.

Harnessing the power of personal branding, Clinton leveraged his strengths and position himself strategically, which has contributed to his success in receiving global recognition from tech giants such as Alibaba. He has now put together a strong team of highly skilled individuals to provide a full suite of top-notch digital marketing services for property professionals in Singapore.

Combining the team’s digital expertise and innovative ideas, we eliminate the hassle for businesses to engage multiple agencies and have successfully enabled numerous business owners to transition into digital methodologies to market their services effectively.

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Empowering SME Businesses: From 0 to 1

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At HD Asia, we seek to empower businesses through the power of digital branding, so you can communicate your unique set of value offerings and leave a strong impression on your prospective clients.
We revolutionise the way marketing is done, and utilise superior tools to serve our clients in establishing a distinct branding online.
Let us hand you the keys to success this time around so you can focus on what you do best — serving your clients.

Step into the limitless world of digital marketing

with our Founder and Lead Brand Consultant, Clinton!

Many mistake personal branding as putting up a pleasant front to look good before others, but it is far greater than that. Personal Branding is about knowing your identity – your values, beliefs, story, message, and reflecting it in all aspects of your life.

Being able to effectively communicate your very own unique branding allows you to connect with like-minded people and attract the success that you deserve. Let’s work together to unlock your greatness within!

More about Clinton

Discovering His Passion
In primary school, Clinton felt a thrill making his first sale, revealing an early interest in marketing and sales psychology.
Turning Point
As a teenager, he joined gangs. Following his grandmother’s passing, Clinton reflected on his life’s purpose. He abandoned his rebellious behavior and embraced his childhood passion for marketing and sales.
Clinton represented Singapore at Alibaba Group’s largest start-up competition, emerging as a global finalist. He won multiple entrepreneurship awards and participated in public speaking events to inspire youths.
Now and Future
In 2020, Clinton launched Hatch Dev Asia, with a mission to empower business owners by helping them transition into digital marketing.
Steady Growth
Over the past two years, we’ve made a positive impact on more than 100 clients spanning diverse industries.
Shared Vision
A collective vision unites Clinton, our dynamic team, and valued partners, creating a powerful force when we come together.
Positive Impacts
Building a community of clients and partners with the power to positively influence millions, leaving a lasting legacy.
Newspaper and Article Features
Clinton is a very driven individual who is always to learn new things and push himself beyond his limits. He is also a dedicated and responsible leader who has a strong conviction in giving back.
Former CEO, Action Community For Entrepreneurship Singapore (ACE)

The energy, the passion and enthusiasm that Clinton displays, encourages his juniors to excel too. As his mentor, I am very proud of all that he has achieved, and can say with confidence that Clinton is a rare one. A born leader, he is sure to succeed in whatever he does and will be an asset to anyone he works with.

CEO, AkadAsia
During my time with him, Clinton has consistently shown outstanding leadership skills, a burning passion for technology, an entrepreneurial mindset, and strong communication skills, while bring humble and team-oriented. He is also active and always ready to contribute back to the community.
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

Meet the Team

Founder & Lead Brand Consultant

Clinton Li

At the helm of the agency, Clinton Li spearheads with a flair for branding and a strategic mindset honed through years of entrepreneurship, including successful exits. A certified Business Management Consultant (Singapore), Clinton understands businesses’ needs, expertly guiding clients towards their goals by crafting impactful brand stories. Beyond work, his passion for martial arts, specializing in Muay Thai & MMA, led him to become one of Singapore’s youngest instructors at just 17 years old.

Project Ops & Grant Specialist


Joseph, our Project Ops and Grants Specialist, kicks off his day with discipline — making his bed and exercising by 7 am. Though not his pastime, this routine mirrors his commitment to precision in managing project operations and client grants, setting the stage for a day marked by diligence and excellence.

Project Manager


Li Leng has over 7 years of experience driving website traffic, crafting engaging content, and managing impactful events across industries. From award-winning SEO to successful global collaborations, she gets results.

She’s an avid traveler and fitness lover (what’s cafe hopping when you can gym hop around the world!)

Brand Consultant


Jiahui’s superpower is in capturing the essence of identities and translating them into strategic brand positioning and marketing campaigns. Seeing the beauty in abstract creativity, she loves the art of dance, scents, and…reading into your personality.

Graphic Designer


Lewis boasts over five years of hands-on experience gained from prestigious Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai and across Asia. He has spearheaded numerous branding and design initiatives, guiding them from inception to fruition. With an innate ability to spot design flaws, he humorously describes it as both a blessing and a curse! Outside of work, he enjoys cooking as a hobby.

Marketing Executive


With a passion for creativity and a strategic approach, Felicia thrives in crafting engaging campaigns. Leveraging her expertise, she skillfully navigates the ever-evolving marketing landscape, ensuring our clients’ stories resonate. Beyond work, Felicia enjoys working out and traveling.

Graphic Designer


Bal is a chemistry graduate with a burning passion for graphic design, she embarked on a journey of self-study to merge theory with creativity, striving for excellence in her work. 

Having lived in both the UK and Thailand, she has been enriched by diverse artistic influences, which reflect in her designs. Beyond her design endeavors, she finds solace and inspiration in cooking and baking at home.

Digital Marketing & Media Production Specialist


Unveiling the creative behind “FUR” — a life-loving thrill-seeker driven by fun and challenges. She loves to dive into creativity and new innovation. Recently, She took a 47-meter leap, earning the nickname “Cinderella Beungee”

Creative Content & Animation Specialist


As an extrovert creator, Natda is a creative enthusiast with a passion for video editing and graphic design. Embracing the thrill of new experiences and social interactions, Natda finds joy in activities like scuba diving and badminton. With a firm belief that success stems from doing what one loves.

Web UXUI Designer


As a UX/UI designer, Waan brings a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality to achieve your marketing goals. With diverse working experiences in both Thailand and Japan, she understands the importance of catering to various needs from each client, embracing diversity in design.

Web Developer


Meet Lara, a sweet and logical thinker with a strong passion for creating captivating websites. With over six years of experience as a web developer and designer, she excels at harmonizing design and functionality. When Lara isn’t crafting digital experiences, you’ll often find her engrossed in her hobby of watching TV series.

Our Support Team


In-house Media Production Agency

Zeus Media

Meet Zeus Media, our powerhouse team of local videographers and photographers. With an artistic flair and technical expertise, they transform moments into visual masterpieces. From captivating videos to stunning photographs, Zeus Media crafts marketing narratives that resonate. Let our lens bring your story to life with creativity and precision.

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